Create New Drive

ArDrive is built around “Drives” - permanent digital storage containers. Drives are like a hard drives on the permaweb where you can put all kinds of files - audio, video, photo, code - and group them in folders to your heart’s content. 

You must create a Drive before you start uploading your files.

Getting Started

To get started with ArDrive, you’ll first want to create a Drive. 

Hit the +NEW button and a drop down list will appear with our four options.  

Select “New Drive”

A pop screen will appear that gives you the option to name your Drive and to select whether it is public or private.

★ If you select “Private” then only you will have access to that Drive. If you select “Public” you are giving access to all files in the Drive to everyone forever. An automatic URL will be created for this Drive and this URL cannot be deleted.  

When you create a new Drive, the default is for it to be private. Be careful! If you accidentally publish your information to a public Drive there is no delete button. 

New Drives added to the Sidebar

Once you create the Drive it will now appear on the sidebar list under personal Drives.

After you select the Drive, you can now add folders or upload files to it.