The ArDrive community has created hundreds of Public Drives that are available to explore forever. The following are a few examples of Public Drives that have been created:

  • ArDrive Official Public Drive - pictures, videos, presentations and other permanent content from the ArDrive community.

    • Drive ID: bfe2ff28-6efe-4a00-8d1e-ad5f091e28a6

  • 51 Books in the Public Domain - curated by drkiddo

    • Drive ID: e98a8ad5-2f4e-41e9-b581-35cf06777a16

  • A Bite of China - Wonderful Chinese Food - recipes, restaurant guides, food maps and more

    • Drive ID: 80d94d51-558a-4d7b-8cd7-4db7881a2e27

  • Apple Daily - the last issue of the Hong Kong pro-democracy newspaper before it was taken offline.

    • Drive ID: 8102fcac-6da8-419d-9c6a-1a28b6c741f9

  • Arweave Puzzles - a collection of Arweave-themed puzzles from @ArweaveP

    • Drive ID: 953f7e9e-c4f6-4cbc-8699-f07d89518a90

  • Cairo, my hometown - maps, photos and local food guides for Cairo, Egypt

    • Drive ID: af5d8907-e761-4c87-9158-2def579a9784

  • Electronica Music - “dim, neon-lit, smoky club at 3:30am in some dystopian future"

    • Drive ID: 42b78804-79f0-4a4d-90d9-004b97ff2eca

  • Gender and Migration Hub - academic resources on global migration policy

    • Drive ID: 8e303abf-74c9-47c7-8997-8025ceb3f210

  • Historic Mechanical Keyboards - curated collection of technical manuals for early keyboards

    • Drive ID: e5939778-aea1-43ea-8bff-662b7e7c3925

  • Nannui, Shanghai - photos, videos and historical information about this neighbourhood

    • Drive ID: 70776236-8247-4d52-8a5a-bfb71d5702b9

  • Regent College - lectures on theology and culture

    • Drive ID: 94dc341b-ef62-4eb2-b98d-571a8054aeff

  • Ros McMahon’s Movie Collection - a carefully selected compilation of copyright expired movies

    • Drive ID: 12705673-0486-46f5-b07e-49d0bf68178c

  • They Made Seven Thomas Jeffersons - a short story from multimedia artist Neil Von Flue

    • Drive ID: 38470fce-8da1-4a20-a1be-d0be38776aab

Note: A search function for exploring public drives is not yet available, but is in the works.