Uploading Files

Now that you have created your Drive and added a folder you are ready to upload a file.

Click into the Drive and then the folder where you want to upload your file.

Now click on the +NEW button and select “Upload file(s)”

ArDrive will now allow you to select from the file(s) on your desktop.

Select which file you want and press “Upload”

ArDrive will then calculate the cost of the file(s) you want to upload to the permaweb. A pop up screen will appear that will confirm the file(s) you have selected, the size of each file, and the one-time cost.  

You will now have the ability to cancel the transaction at no cost or upload the file for the cost indicated. The cost of the file(s) is represented in AR, the Arweave token.


Price Guide

ArDrive is based on the Arweave network and the digital currency AR is used to pay the global network of operators who maintain the permaweb. The price can fluctuate based on the computing power available to the Arweave network at any one time. 

To check current pricing, see the Arweave Fee Calculator.

What file sizes can I upload?

Public files are capped at 1 GB, and private files are capped at 100 MB.  Also note that our calculation of file size may be slightly larger than the file size listed on your computer given the unique way that data is stored and encrypted on the permaweb.

In the future we plan to raise these limits to allow for larger public and private files.

See the page on ArDrive Web Limits here.

How long does it take to upload?

Decentralized, permanent data storage doesn’t happen in an instant. You may need to wait around a minute for a 10 MB file to be uploaded. Larger files (1 GB) can take an hour or more to fully upload.

Caution: Do not leave from the uploading screen until the spinning wheel has stopped. If you exit the browser before it has stopped your file will not be uploaded. You will not be charged if a file does not fully upload, but any progress towards uploading your file will be lost.

Understanding File Status

ArDrive tries to track the status of each transaction in order to let you know when your files are stored on the network.

  • Green status means the file was successfully replicated and mined on the network.

  • Orange status means the file upload transaction is in progress.

    • It could take up to 30 minutes for this process to complete, so please be patient.

  • Red status means the file upload transaction may have failed

    • We recently began packing all ArDrive transactions into bundles to improve ArFS reliability and reduce overall transaction costs for users. One tradeoff of this approach is that bundled transactions have to be unpackaged by the Arweave gateway, and this can sometimes take more time than expected. Soon we'll be making updates to the web app that will allow for more "unbundling" time at the Arweave gateway so that ArDrive transactions don't appear as 'failed' for the period of time that they are yet to be unpacked.

    • If a file is not mined, the AR payment made for this file is refunded.

For more information on troubleshooting failed uploads, see the following article