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If you’ve created a wallet and added some AR to it, you’re now ready to login to the ArDrive web app.

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Login to the ArDrive web app at app.ardrive.io

Security Measures

ArDrive takes the security and privacy of your data with the utmost priority, and gives you full control of your own data.

The information that you put onto ArDrive is stored permanently, but this doesn’t mean that you want to have that information accessed by anyone or even accessed permanently.

To ensure as high of security and control as possible, ArDrive has implemented a double security process. When you create an ArDrive profile you will do so with your own personal Arweave wallet private key as well as your own personal password. If you are logging in with ArConnect, you’ll need one password for your ArConnect wallet and a second username and password to access your ArDrive data.

“Not your keys, not your data”

Both the private wallet key AND password are needed to access your information. Don't lose them!

Access to your permanent storage is something which only you have and can share. Even the ArDrive team does not have access to your private wallet key and password information. Therefore, if you lose either your key OR your password, your private data will also be lost.

Once you have used a wallet and set up a profile, it is created forever! Every time you use this wallet, it will expect the same password you used when you first set it up.

Remember to keep both your wallet key and password in a secure place.

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