ArDrive Core

What is ArDrive Core?

ArDrive Core contains the essential back end features for the ArDrive apps, written in Typescript. While the Arweave network gives the power of immutable data storage, the ArDrive Core can take your integration to the next level.

Using the ArDrive Core can unlock different capabilities for your app integration.

  • An append only file system schema called Arweave File System supporting metadata and version history

  • Battle tested patterns and components for querying, uploading and downloading

  • Privacy using industry leading encryption

  • View, organize and share all of your data through our cross-platform web app.

  • Cross-platform desktop apps to sync your data locally

  • Benefit from any ArDrive app upgrades as they appear


ArDrive-Core-JS can be cloned from our Github, or deployed via NPM/Yarn.

Got questions on how to use it?