The Future of ArDrive

What features is the ArDrive Core Team working on?

We are excited about the future and have many plans for development. Here are some of the features that we will be adding in the near future:

  • Custom Tagging system 

  • Atomic NFT support

  • Shareable private drives

  • Image thumbnails

  • Mobile and Desktop App

  • Multi-user collaboration Drives

  • A permanent web application hosted on Arweave

Besides the web app is there a desktop or mobile app?

If you’ve spotted a bug or need some help, please let us know. Reach out to us at with any questions or issues you have.

Where can I make a feature request?

We’d love to hear what you have in mind.  Please reach out to us at with your idea.

Have a specific question? Get personal help or reach out to us by email at

ArDrive offers never-ending storage of your most valuable files. Sometimes the best way to learn is to try it out.

ArDrive is community-owned and operated. Get to know us on Discord (tech talk) or Telegram (general chat).