The purpose of the ArDrive community is to support one another, learn from one another and inspire one another in order to create the best solution for anyone to permanently store their data.

This also includes taking part in the shaping the future of the community by making feature requests, providing feedback, active community discussion, and even voting within the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) representing the ArDrive community.


The goal of the ArDrive community is to drive customer acquisition by enhancing awareness of ArDrive’s products and services, ensuring a positive public perception, enhancing user experience within the community, educating others on how to use ArDrive products and creating advocates and influencers. This goal will be partly achieved with the ArDrive Community Token, which can be used to reward users for using ArDrive and referring others.

It must be the duty of every community member to ensure their decisions and actions align with the community’s purpose and goals.


The ArDrive community is a place where diverse individuals can come and express their opinions, ideas and share their story around using our apps and storing their data permanently. Members are encouraged to be polite to one another and use common sense. Members are advised to be mindful of the words and tone they use so as to ensure their conduct within the community does not cause unintentional harm to other members.


  1. Be respectful of other member’s opinions:

  2. Use initiative

  3. Share knowledge and ideas

  4. Provide thoughtful, constructive criticism

  5. Participate in Community Governance by voting


  1. Do not post other people’s personal information

  2. Do not advertise or spam messages or links

  3. Do not use bad or offensive language

  4. Do not attack other platforms or applications

Additional detailed Community Guidelines can be written as the Community matures and diversifies.

Additional Community Topics