Cryptocurrency Swap Exchanges


Using SimpleSwap to get AR Tokens

Another easy way to fund your wallet with AR tokens is to use a crypto exchange swapping service like

SimpleSwap is great because it supports many trading pairs and does not require that you create an account. [Note: ArDrive does not have any affiliation with SimpleSwap]

SimpleSwap is easy to use. After navigating to the website:

  1. Select to receive AR and then choose a supported token that you would like to exchange such as BTC, ETH, XLM, etc.

  2. Then select your exchange amount and click ‘Exchange’.

  3. You will be prompted to enter your Arweave wallet address (make sure that you have one created beforehand!).

  4. Once ready, click “Create Exchange” and follow the transfer details on the next page.


Tips in using SimpleSwap:

  1. Depending on which tokens you exchange you might have to wait a bit before sufficient block confirmations are acquired - on both the send and receive ends; however, SimpleSwap’s customer service is very responsive if your exchange does seem to be taking excessively long.

  2. To that point, many users prefer to use Stellar Lumens (XLM) since they are quick and cheap to send. (Don’t forget to include the MEMO if you are sending XLM!)


Here are some screenshots of the workflow:


Enter Your Exchange Details
Send Your Tokens to Initiate the Swap
All done!