ArDrive Web Limits

The ArDrive web application lets you easily upload one or more files to the PermaWeb, but it currently has some limitations that all users should be aware of.

We are working on raising these limits and will update this page accordingly.

File Sizes

The maximum, individual public file size allowed is 1.192 GiB or 1250000000 bytes per file.

The maximum, individual private file size allowed 100 MiB or 104857600 bytes per file.

Need to upload bigger public or private files? Try the ArDrive Command Line which lets you upload up to 2 GiB for both public and private files.


When you upload multiple files, they are packaged into bundles in order to save on cost and increase your throughput of uploads.

ArDrive Web will package files into bundles with a maximum size of 500 MiB or 524,288,000 bytes.

Each bundle will have a maximum of 500 data items which equals 250 files (because each file consists of its data and its metadata)

Public files larger than 500 MiB cannot be bundled.