ArDrive CLI


The ArDrive Command Line Interface (CLI) is a Node.js application for terminal-based ArDrive workflows. It also offers utility operations for securely interacting with Arweave wallets and inspecting various Arweave blockchain conditions.

Data uploaded via the ArDrive CLI, once indexed by Arweave's Gateways and sufficiently seeded across enough nodes on the network, can be accessed via all other ArDrive applications including the ArDrive Web application at

All transactions successfully executed by ArDrive can always be inspected in the Viewblock blockchain explorer.

Intended Audience

This tool is intended for use by:

  • ArDrive power users with advanced workflows and resource efficiency in mind: bulk uploaders, those with larger storage demand, game developers, nft creators, storage/database admins, etc.

  • Automation tools or workflow platforms

  • Services or bots

  • Terminal aficionados

  • Extant and aspiring cypherpunks

For deeper integrations with the ArDrive platform, consider using the ArDrive Core (Node) library's configurable and intuitive class interfaces directly within your application.

Learn More

The README contains instructions on setting up and using the CLI.

Need Help?

Not sure how to start with the CLI or running into issues? Join the ArDrive Discord and we would love to help in our #support-and-help channel.