Create a Wallet

To get started on ArDrive, you'll need a digital wallet to pay for files you want to upload. You can create a new wallet through one of the following methods:


ArConnect is the easiest method for wallet creation and has advanced sign in options for ArDrive right from your Chrome browser. Get started with ArConnect

Arweave Website

You can also create a new wallet through the Arweave website. The process takes a few steps to deter scammers and requires having a Twitter account.  But as a reward for your patience, Arweave will add a small amount of AR into your wallet. 

  1. Go to the Arweave website to obtain your keyfile and wallet address, which is similar to a Twitter handle (but 43 characters long with random numbers and letters).

  2. Follow their three step process:

    1. Download the wallet

    2. Tweet the wallet address and

    3. Click ‘Next’ when done

You can also try to create a wallet yourself by using the Google Chrome extension for Arweave.

Once you have a wallet, you may wish to load it into ArConnect for easy access to ArDrive

What is my wallet address?

Your wallet address, which works similar to a Twitter handle, is 43 characters long with random numbers and letters. You can find it under your account name in ArConnect (see below) or in the title of the JSON wallet file you received from Arweave.

Sample Wallet Address as seen in ArConnect